Snowdon Mountain Railway Station
The day 2 of our trip to north Wales. We arrived at Llanberis at 9 o'clock in the morning.

We were there to climb Snowdon Mountain. Well not all of it, but only a third after a ride on Snowdon Mountain Railway. When we visited the last third of the railway was still under construction.

If you book the earliest trail of the day on internet, you get 50% discount. The first train departs usually at 9 o'clock, but when we visited there in October, it was almost off-season and the first was 10 o'clock one.

Above is the departure station of Llanberis.

Snowdon Mountain Mountain Railway
This is the train that arrived at the station. The train was completely full. I think it was less than half an hour ride, but not entirely sure, as I was not keeping the time.

The train stops here about half an hour. If you have return ticket, you can enjoy the view from here and take the same train back to Llanberis. As the return journey is valid only for the same train, if you want to climb up to the top, you should buy only one way ticket. This is a bit inconvenient, but if they allow us to take any return train we want, it is possible that some people with return ticket cannot get the return train because the number of seats is ristricted.

Snowdon Mountain Climbing
As we wanted to go to the summit, we started to go up the path. This photo is taken not far from the station.

I am a big acrophobic and the mountain has not tree or rock that I could grab. It was a rather scarely experience for me to climb it. I had to sit down to be able to take this photo.

Snowdon Mountain
Another shot during the climbing.

The view was beautiful, but it could be even more so if the air had been clearer.

Snowdon Mountain near the Summit
At this point I was close to the summit, and the clouds were below me.

To my surprise it was not so cold, and having felt almost hot, I had to take my jacket off. It was not windy either when we were there. It would have been even more scarly, if there had been winds.

Snowdon Mountain Summit
This is the summit. There is a small panoramic lookout.

I think it took about 3 quarters of an hour from the station to here. It should be considered as easy for a mountain climbing, and in fact I saw a elementary school age girl arriving at the summit (in fact the adults seemed to have more difficulity).

View from the summit of Snowdon Mountain
This is the view from the lookout.

There are two sets of stairs to the top, but I could not use this one to go down. I felt too acrophobic. Taking this photo was the maximum that I could do. If you fell down from here, you will get fatally hurt. Not particularly safe place to be.

Snowdon Mountain Summit Station in construction
This is the station under construction.

I guess the people who use the railway up to the summit will not get the same satisfaction we had. Don't you think so?

Now that I see the Snowdon Railway Homepage, the station and railway seem completed and it says that the return ticket to the summit for an adult is £22 (November 2007).

Snowdon Mountain
To climb down I think we spent about one hour and a half.

I took this photo while descending. The Snowdon Railways use two types of train, one diesel, the other coal. This is coal one, with smoke coming out.

When we arrived at Llanberis, it was after 2 o'clock.

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