With Rhossili behind, we returned to the way we had come and headed for Oxwich, situated on the southern coast of Gower peninsula.

Oxwich is a National Reserve as well as Rhossili.

The parking fee is £2, but we were charged only £1 presumably because it was already quite late. When you arrive even later, you will find the toll office closed and it becomes virtually free.

Oxwich looked rather ordinary seaside park to us who have been so much impressed by the beauty of Rhossili, but if you are after a beach for swiming, here is the better place to come.

Besides some people on the beach, there were also those who fishing and on the sea with boats.
When we saw the beach, we felt a bit disappointed, but we decided to go up into the forest that can be seen on the right side of the photo above.

This area is famous for trekking and we did find some markers and found the path clear.

We thought we might be able to have the view of the sea from above, but after a while we gave up as the trees did not permet us to have a view toward the sea. As we were afraid to be in the forest when it was getting dark, so we returned to our car.

If you look for forest and mountain walking, this is a good place.

Then we decided to go to look for the B&B we booked while there was stil light.

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