The first stop of the journey was Llangollen in Wales. We parked the car in the parking in the town centre and walked around for about one hour.

I did not find the town itself so beautiful, but it is attractive being peaceful, rich and surrounded by great nature. A food festival is held here in October (the banner across the street was its publicity).

Llangolen Station
This is Dee river running through Llangollen. It has been raining since a day before and the water was a bit high.

Llangollen has a train station which you can see in the photo (where the staircase is).

I read that this town is famous for a music festival called Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod held every summer.
Dee River, Llangolen
There is a promenade alongside the Dee and we walked there.

We found a restaurant called The Corn Mill, which reuses an old building, presumably a mill on the river. We read the menu which looked attractive, if not really cheap. It was not even open when we passed there around 11 o'clock, but when we have chance to re-visit Llangollen at lunch or dinner hours, we would like to try.

The Village Bakery, Llangolen
While we were walking around the town, we found this The Village Bakery and we could not miss it.

This bakery has also a tea room (which you can probably identify in the left side of the shop in the photo) and serves light meal. In the front window, there was a huge roast meat.

The Village Bakery, Llangolen
This is how it is inside: bright and clean.

I was looking for some sweet bread for breakfast next morning, but I could not find anything interesting to buy. Apart from normal bread, they were selling various kinds of savoury pies that looked delicious (but I don't like pies so much).

Deli in Llangolen
Then we found this delicatessen selling bread, cheeses, cakes, jams etc.

The cream cakes in the showcase were very appetising, but as I did not fill me up before the lunch I bought only two scones that could be kept without fridge.

Cherry Scorn from Llangolen
This is one of the scones that I photographed in the hotel next morning. I bought one with sultana, and the other with candied cherries (in the photo). One costs 55p.

I have never found any scone delicious, but these were, even if they were not reheated. They melted in the mouth and were not dry in any sense. They probably contained more oil/fat more than ordinary ones. They made me feel like trying to make ones by myself.
Near Llangolen
After an hour of walk, we headed for the next destination Betws-y-Coed.

This photo was taken on the road between Llangollen and Betws-y-Coed. The field in front is for beets.

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