Snowdon Vegetable Curry When my friend and I arrived at Llanberis station at around 2 o'clock, her husband was not in sight. As he did not turn up after half an hour of waiting, we started our lunch alone.

As it was too late for lunch time in restaurant, we ate at the canteen of Llanberis station. This is my vegetable curry, £5. Slightly too expensive tourist price. But it tasted all right. Rice was healthy brown rice. Quantity also was slightly meagre, probably for health (?)

While we were eating, these birds came near us.

I said "Look these crows!" But at closer look, they were not crows. They are smaller, with grey neck, and white fringe around eyes. I don't recall to have seen these before.

Anyone know the name?
National Slate Museum
Friend's husband did not turn up after 1 hour, so we started sightseeing.

This is a former slate querry in the National Slate Museum. It is situated about half a mile distance from the Snowdon railway station in Llanberis. The web page promises an ample free parking space, but we could find only paying one. If you have already parked somewhere else to climb the mountain, it is wise to leave your car there, as the parking charge is often for all-day.

Lake Llanberis
Llanberis Lake.

Quite large lake. We walked around for a while looking water birds.
Llanberis town
This is Llanberis high street. Very colourful. There are a number of cafés, eateries, and B&Bs. It is not quite close from the Snowdon railway station, but it is in walking distance; we regretted that we did not come here for lunch.

To say the truth, however, we did not find any attractive place to have meal (there might be something nicer open during the lunch time, but it was already far too late).

Georgio's Ice Cream, Llanberis
We found an interesting looking ice cream shop, so we gave it a go. It is the green building in the foreground. It is called Georgio's. Trying to be Italian, but not quite (Italian for George is Giorgio).

Inside, there were a young pretty girl behind the counter, and her boy friend as a customer.

Cointreau Ice Cream
This is Cointreau flavour ice cream. I think it was about £1.50, but not sure.

I was expecting a fabulous ice cream like the one I had in Brecon, but this one was far behind. It was not particularly bad, but it did taste something artificial and the quality of cream wasn't impressive.

While we were eating ice cream, we were finally informed that Friend's husband came down from the mountain. The plan was to go to Chester after Snowdon, but it was already 4 o'clock. Even if we arrive at Chester in one hour, all the shops should be closed. So, we gave up this plan and went to the hotel.
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