Burry Farm House & King Arthur of Reynoldston

Burry Farm House
As we were staying only one night, we decided to go for somewhere particulary British. One of us found this farm house on internet and booked a family room. Farm house is B&B run by farmers and a popular option for the British people who loves country life.

This one is situated between Burry and Burry Green.

Burry Farm House
This is our room with one double bed and two single beds. It is of fair size. This farm house has only two rooms to rent, one shower room with toilet in common, another toilet, dining room and common lounge with tv.

We paid £30 a head, which is not bad, but not that good for the facility we had. The place was very clean.

Big Dahlia

This is a giant dahlia placed on a window. It was as large as a big sun flower.

We will discover about the mystery of this enormous dahlia.
King Arthur, Reynoldston
At dinner time, we felt that there was enough space in our stomach to go out to eat something. We went to King Arthur, hotel and pub at Reynoldston near Burry, that our landlady recommended to us.

When we arrived there at 8 o'clock, it was very busy although it was just Thursday night and we did not manage to find a table inside. We got a table outside, but it got darker and colder, so after half an hour of wait, we went inside and got a table.
Pub Food
We waited for these for more than an hour.

The dish with yellow rice is Mushroom Stroganoff (popular vegetarian dish in Britain), to the right is "Today's Pie" Mushroom and Steak Pie with Jacket Potato and Veggie, and the last is Lamb Steak in Gravy with Chips and Boiled Veggie. Rice and potatoes were our choice.

With some soft drinks, we paid about £24, which was ok. The taste was also just about ok; I thought they could do a bit better.

We finished most of the food, and returned to the farm house to sleep.
British Breakfast
Next morning. This is our breakfast. I wanted to have more Welsh breakfast than this one, so I asked lavarbread, but she did not have any. She said she could have bought it if I had told her before.

Egg and potato were indifferent, but sausage, bacon and baked tomato were nice. There were also free servings of cereals, milk, tea, orange juice.

At breakfast I asked the landlady about the giant dahlia. She said she cultivated dahlias in the field for sale, but as these enormous ones were not good to make flower bunch, she just enjoyed at home.

After that, with her permission, we looked around the dahlia field; I have never seen so many kinds of dahlia at the same time.

We took some pictures and left for our next destination, Brecon.

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