Caernarfon Castle
After Betws-y-Coed, we dropped my friend's husband at Bangor, and went to Caernarfon to see the famous castle, reputed to be the most beautiful one in Wales. We arrived at around half past 3. After parked our car, the friend went to a near-by supermarket to get some coins for the parking ticket.

She returned after 10 min., reporting me that she was sandwiched by two drunken men at the casher. Then we did not know it was

In the photo right is one of the towers of the castle: the Eagle Tower.

Caernarfon has two quarters: one inside the old town wall, and the other outside. We started obviously from the old town.
Caernarfon Castle Caernarfon Castle
This is the main gate to the Caslte. We did not actually enter inside, as we had only one hour to spend here.This is the entrance and ticket booth. The entrance charge for an adult was about £5.

The Caernarfon Castle was one of Edward I's castles, and started in 1283. The main part was completed in 1292, and between 1309 and 1398, under the master mason Walter of Hereford, additions were made, and the last phase was completed in 1323. The polygonal towers and the style of the wall shows that the the castle was modelled on the defensive wall of Constantinople.

Caernarfon Town
For some unknown reason, we found colourful building like these many places in North Wales. We have never seen anything like these in West Midlands where we live.

From this vivid colour buildings we expected a lively and lovely inhabitants, but we were wrong. Inside the old town wall, we saw not a few drunken and evidently un-employed people here and there.

Colourful town of Caernarfon
The flags you see on a bilding are Welsh national flags.

In this street we saw three people, including an old woman, stinking of alcohol.

And, while we were walking around, a car parking next to the pedestrian path suddenly sprushed window clearning water onto me, and the driver was laughing. Very un-pleasant memory, that is.

Black Boy Inn
This is a pub called Black Boy Inn. Not a politically correct name.

We walked around looking for interesting restaurants, but even the places explicitly named "restaurants" were selling nothing more than typical pub food. Evidently the British foodie wave has not yet reached Carnarfon.


This is a bird we found in front of this pub. We have never seen this type of bird in Birmingham. Looking at its feet, it should be water bird. If anyone know the name of the bird, please let me know.

Statue of Lloyd Geroge
This is the statue of David Lloyd George, famous prime minister. He was a member of the parliament from Caernarfon.

He was not born in Wales, but after he lost father when he was very young, her mother took him to the north Wales where her brother was living. Also his political carrier started in north Wales.

Anglesey from Caernarfon
This is Anglesey seen from Carnarfon. The sea inbetween is the Menai Strait.

After having left the old town, we strolled also the new town, where the quality of people looked better.

Then we left for the next destination, Beaumaris.

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