Scenery of Gower
Leaving the farm house of Burry, we first went to Swansea for refueling, changed the direction to the north haading for Brecon Beacons.

This photo was taken while we were running through Gower. Sheeps looked weary of us.

Brecon Beacons

This might look similar, but taken in Brecon Beacons. The scenery was so beautiful. Some parts have ups and downs, and some parts are just very wide open space. Amazing.

On some points, cattle herd passed across the road causing us to stop or slow down. We saw also a bunch of cowboys (well sheepboys) in motor-carts chasing sheeps using sheep dogs. It was like wild West.

We arrived at Brecon at aroud noon. We parked in a parking just before the town and went on to investigate it.

This is the Usk river flowing the town. In Birmingham, running water is usually canal, so it was exciting to see a river.

Centre of Brecon
This is the central square of Brecon. Honestly speaking, the scenery of the town was less attractive than Ross or Hay.

We did not see many attractive old buildings, although the history of the town dates back to the Roman Antiquity. The name of the town comes from the Celtic chieftain Brychan who ruled the area in the fifth century.

Market of Brecon
We happended to find an indoor market so went in. We found many attractive things, from fish, meat and vegetable to garden plants, but what grabbed our attention the most was this dairy shop.

We requested local cheese, so she let us taste two of what she had.

Local Organic Chilowen Cheese
Between the two, the unanimous winner was the Organic Chilowen. It costs £12.80/kilo; good price for the quality. I also bought Welsh butter which was pretty salty, but had strong good taste.

Llanfaes Icecream
We did not take lunch at Brecon, but we had this ice cream from Llanfaes Dairy. One scoop like this cost only £1.40. In Birmingham, we have to pay £2 for this kind of ice cream.

There were too many interesting varieties, so I asked the vendor her recommendation. Unfortunately it was chocolate with something that I don't remember and I don't like very much chocolate, I went for this Rasberry Pavlova. It was really superb. Better than Italian gelato.

Satisfied with beautiful ice cream, we then went for shopping in nearby farm shops.

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