Beaumaris Stone Circle
After Caernarfon, our next stop was Beaumaris in Anglesey. The name Beaumaris derives from French Beau Marais, beautiful marsh.

This is a stone circle in the field facing to the sea. Not sure what it is.

We started walk toward the town centre, which is quite small and nothing worthy to see. It was already 5 o'clock past and there were few people around.

Beaumaris Castle
This is Beaumaris castle. When we arrived, the gate was already closed, and this photo was taken from outside the gate. The moat, still filled with water, was impressive.

This is another of Edward I's castle, and the costruction started in 1295. The leading architect was James of St. George.

Beaumaris, Menai Strait
After 15 min walk, we did not know what to do any more, so decided to go to see the sea. The view with water is always beautiful.

According to guidebooks, Beaumaris is known for its yacht barbour, but I don't remember to have seen any. Probably it is not so large.

In high season, there are boats departing from here for fishing and Puffin Island cruise, but when we were there, the ticket booths were already closed.

Menai Bridge
This is the Menai Bridge crossing the Menai Strait. The role of the principal conduit between the mainland and Anglesey has been taken over by the more recent Britannia Bridge, but this one is still working, too.

Afterwards, we went to a hotel in Holy Head. We looked around the town to find somewhere decent to dine, but being unable to find any, we ate pot noodles that we had with us.

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