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Pyramid of Ellinikó
Pyramid of Helleniko
Pyramid of Elliniko
An ancient pyramid like construction in Ellinikó, south of Argos. Also known as the Pyramid of Kenchreai.

There are two pyramid-like buildings in Argolis and this one in Ellinikó is better preserved. The other one is in Ligoúrio

Helleniko pyramid
When we visited the pyramid was fenced but it was broken at one point and it was easy to access.

The pyramid has an entrance on the south-east side and it leads to a rectangular chamber.

Pyramid of Kenchreai

The entrance in the photo above continues to this passage.

Archaeological investigations have not encovered any trance of funerary activities, which means the Ellinikó pyramid was a fundamentary different from the Egyptian pyramids.

The date of construction is controversial, although it was most probably in the 4th century BC.

View from Elliniko
We are not sure of its use, either. However, the suggestion that it was a fortified watch tower sounds reasonable. The photo left was shot from the site and the pyramid is in fact standing on a commanding position. The sea in the photo is the Argolic gulf.


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