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Asini (or Asine)
Asini Site
This site is the acropolis of the ancient city-state Asine (Asini in modern Greek pronounciation). It occupies a promontory about a kilometer from the north edge of Tolo and is called also Kastraki by the locals. The highest part of the promontry is 52 metre from the sea level. You can get the commanding view of the coast line from the top.

The earliest human occupation of this site dates back to the Neolithic period. According to Homer, Asine participated in Trojan War together with other Argive cities. Asine as a state seems to be ruined by Argos (around 700 BC) according to Pausanias and the inhabitants moved or were moved to Asine in Messenia (modern day Koroni).

But Asine as fortress or fortified settlement continued to exist for a long time afte that.

The circuit wall (in the photo above right; in the photo left is one of the gates) was constructed around 300 BC, maybe by the Macedonian King Demetrios Poliorcetes (according to the information board on site).

Asini Tower
Even after the Hellenistic period, the fortification of Asine was reinforced during the late antique-early Byzantine period (6th-7th century) and during the second Venetian period (1686-1715). The remains of the Roman baths (top photo) show that Asine was settled during the Roman period.

In the photo right is the towers at the summit of promontory.


In the photo left is a part of the fortification wall. Use of the stones of different size and colour tells that it was constructed and restored in various phases in different period.

The finds from Asine are partly housed in the Archaeological Museum of Nafplio and partly held in Sweden, because Asine was first archaeologically investigated by the Swedish team (1922-1930). The crown prince (later king) Gustav Adolf promoted the excavation and himself participated in the work.

Asini Beach
This is the small beach at the western side of the promontory.

It is like a small bay and has an organised bathing facilities.

Asini Beach
This is the beach at the eastern side of the promontory.

We did not go down, but as we looked at it, it is a sandy beach with a shallow sea and does not have organised bathing facilites.


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