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The Meteora monasteries are standing on curious 'stone forest' in the plane field of Thessaly. They won a status of UNESCO World Heritage and are great tourist attractions.

Many of the monasteries were founded in and around 14th centuries, but the present buildings date back only to the 16th century. The number of monasteries and monastic communities in Meteora reached 24 in their heyday, but now, after the decline after 18th century onward, only 6 monasteries are still inhabited by monks and nuns.

The monasteries currently accessible to the tourists are St. Stephen Nunnery (also called St Chalalambos), Holy Trinity Monastery, Roussanou Nunnery, Varlaam Monastery, Megalo Meteoro (Metamorphosis, Transfiguration) Monastery, and St. Nicholaus Anapafsas Monastery.


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