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Old Kardamyli (Messinia, Peloponnese)
Old Kardamyli
Old Kardamyli
Kardamyli consists of two parts, one is a relatively new town along the coastline and the other one is Old Kardamyli up on the hills.

Old Kardamyli is inhabited, but not as much as the modern Kardamyli. There are a few hotels making use of the Mani-style old buildings.

If you arrive at Kardamyli from Kalamata, you will directly drive into the center of the new Kardamyli. To go to the old Kardamyli, you can walk toward the hills following the signs like these (both Mourzinos Tower and Saint Spyridon Church are in Old Kardamyli) that we found at the Kalamata side end of the road. My guidebooks say that there are signs in the centre, but we could not find them.

Old Kardamyli
The path leading to Old Kardamyli. It is possible to go up with a car, but it is a pleasant and easy walk.

Tha name Kardamyli appears already in Iliad of Homer and its origin seems to go back to the Mycenaean period, but ancient remains are very scarse.

Old Kardamyli
A bridge on the way to Old Kardamyli. There was very little water, as it was in summer.

Old Kardamyli
Fountain near the bridge. It should be of the Mediaeval or Ottoman period. There was a Middle Greek inscription recording the benefactor who constructed it.

Old Kardamyli
The center of Old Kardamyli with the tower of Mourzinos (under restauration).

In the 18th century, Kardamyli was under the local magnates Troupakis-Mourzinos family and this compound was their residence.

Old Kardamyli
The area around the Mourzinos tower is surrounded by defensive wall. In the photo here is a part of the building and wall.

In 1821, the year the Greek war of independence started, Theodoros Kolokotronis and Petrobey Mavromihalis stationed here in preparation of the assault on Kalamata.

Saint Spyridon Kardamyli
This 18th-century church of Saint Spyridon is also standing inside the defensive wall.

When we visited, it was closed and we did not enter.

Saint Spyridon Kardamyli Entrance
The entrance is beautifully decorated with carved white marbles.

The church itself is in the Byzantine-Greek style, but there is a hint of Western influence.

Saint Spyridon Kardamyli window
Details of the decoration of the window.

Saint Spyridon Kardamyli tower
The bell tower has a particular pencil shape and carved with unfamiliar symbols.

Old Kardamyli seen from the modern Kardamyli; you should be able to recognise the bell tower at the centre of the photo.


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