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Skala Kallonis, Lesvos
Kalloni Beach
Kalloni is situated at the centre of Lesvos island and Skala Kallonis is its beach. The beach is long and sandy, and being protected by Kalloni Bay, water is calm and warm.

We stopped here for a couple of hours to have a late lunch at a seaside taverna called Ippokampos-Seahorse (right).

Kalloni Sardine
Sardines fished in Kalloni are well-known all over Greece and there is a festival dedicated to the fish in August. Obviously we could not pass Kalloni without eating sardines.

These sardines were small, but also very tender and extremely juicy. Even the bones were tender and we literally cleaned the dish.

The browns bolls at the centre of table are zucchini flowers stuffed with cheese. We saw zucchini flower dishes in many places of Lesvos.

We tried also a pork souvlaki, but it wasn't good. We should have known better what to order at seaside taverna.


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