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Lesvos Island
Lesvos (also Lesbos or Mytilene) is an island of East Aegean and famous for being the birthplace of Sappho and a great producer of ouzo (anise-seed flavoured spirit), olives, and sardines/ processed sardines.

In the photo above is the town of Mytilene.
Victory of Mytilene
Statue of Victory near the port

The people of Lesvos did not like to be associated with lesbianism and changed its name from Lesvos to Mytilene (taken from the name of the capital town). Classical philologists call the island Lesbos, while Lesvos is the pronounciation in modern Greek.

In the Greek mythology, the name 'Lesbos' said to be come from the Thessalian hero Lesbos who came to the island and married Methymna, daughter of the island's ruler Makar or Makareus.
Ferries from Piraeus Port are operated by Hellenic Seaways, NEL and ANEK. In August 2009, a deck seat ticket of Hellenic cost €36.50 and the same of NEL €27. It takes from 10 to 12 hours. I find it convenient to get the ship in the evening and arrive in the early morning.
Aegean and Olympic Airways have regular flights to Mytilene airport.

Lesvos is the third largest island of Greece, next to Crete and Evvia (Euboia). For Greek islands' standard, it abounds in water and rich in vegetation. Nice trekking spot, even outside the beach season.

Probably the most famous tourist attraction of the island is the fossilised (petrified) forest near Sigrí in the west. There are also many religious places like St. Rafail (Rafael) Monastery, Taxiarch's (Archangel Michael's) Church near Mantamados, Leimonos Monastery, and Virgin Mary's Church of Agiassos that attract Orthodox pilgrims. In the summer, sardine or ouzo festivals are held in various places.

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