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Pantanassa, Mystras
The church was constructed by Johannes Frangopoulos, the protostrator (Prime Minister) of Constantine Plaiologos and dedicated by the metropolitan bishop Neilos in 1428.

The plan is similar to that of Aphendikó (Odigitoria), but is larger in size. Decorative trefoil openings and fleur-de-lis motifs of the church and the bell tower show the western influence.

Inside the church is decorated with the frescoes of 17-18th century.

The iconographic programme again is similar to Odigitria's.

Laskaris Hatzikis
Funerary potrait of Manuel Lascaris Chatzikis on the south wall of nartex. He raises his hands to pray for Christ who is painted in small proportion facing Chatzikis.

This is older than the frescoes of the nave. The inscription painted at the hight of his kneeds records his name and the year he was died (in 6953 = 1445 of modern calender).

It is one of the rare examples that show the clothings of Byzantine high official.

Pantanassa Cats
Pantanassa church is part of a nunnery, only one still functioning in Mystras.

There are many friendly cats inside the nunnery ground. The nuns should be feeding them.


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