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A seaside town about 45km away from Sparti to the south. Gythio/Gythion is the port of Sparta/Sparti now as well as in Antiquity, and the second largest town in Laconia after Sparti.

The seaside road is filled with fish taverns and there are also some hotels.

According to the Greek mythology, Gythion was founded by Apollo and Hercles. Hercles, angered by the refusal of the Delphic priestress to purify him from his sins, stoled the Delphic tripod and ran away. Offended Apollo - the god of Delphi and Delphic oracles - and Hercles started to fight. They were reconciled by the intervention of their father, Zeus, and as a sign of reconciliation, founded the town of Gythio.

From the Antiquity, an ancient theatre is preserved as well as ruins of public baths.

marathonisi Marathonisi seen from the seaside walk of Gythio.
Now it is connected to the mainland, but until modern era, it used to be an island. And in Antiquity it was called Krane.
Krane is famous for being the place where Paris and Helene past the first night together after he snatched her from Menelaus, king of Sparta and her husband.
marathonisi The lighthouse of Marathonisi.
marathonisi The tower house of Grigorakis family. Built toward the end of the 18th century. It is called the Tower of Tzanetakis, from Tzanetakis Grigorakis, politician of the 19th century.
The Grigorakis family donated the building to the State and it now houses the Museum of Mani.
However, it was closed when we visited in 2014. According to a local, it has been closed for some years due to the lack of staff.

Some pictures from Gythio
Gythio Gythio
Gythio Gythio


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