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GEROLIMENAS (Mani Peninsula)
Once a flourishing commertial port of Mani, Gerolimenas now is a small resort town on the south west coastline. With its hotels and taverns, Gerolimenas is a good base to explore Mani, as generally it is not so easy to find restaurants and hotels in Mani, especially in off-season.

The sea in the photos here looks very rough, for it is because they were shot in January. In the summer time, it is possible to find beaches nearby.

Katagkounas Taverna
We stopped at a tavern called O Katagounas just by the sea and by the town's parking. The terrace tables have a view to the sea.

As is expected in countryside taverns, it did not have written menu and the owner came to suggest us what they have on that day. Rather surprisingly, it did not have any seafood.

This is a plate of cold cuts: sýglino and sausage, recommended by the owner. Syglino is a Laconian speciality of smoked pork meat preserved in pork fat together with orange peel.

This sýglino had little fat and only slightly salted. I once had a dish with the same name in a restaurant in Piraeus. Then, it was also a smoked pork, but more saltly and served with dark brown sauce. Evidently sýglino has some varieties.

We had also a pork steak, boiled green, and tzatziki. All pretty good.

In February 2014, we stayed one night in Gerolimenas. Although I saw only a few visitors, some tavernas were open. We tried to use the bar of Hotel Kyrimai in vain; although the hotel was open, the bar and restaurant were closed (if we were staying there, they might have done some effort, but we were not). It is something you have to bare in mind, if you travel Greece in winter.

Gerolimenas Gerolimenas
Gerolimenas Gerolimenas
Gerolimenas Gerolimenas


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