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Areopolis, Mani Peninsula, Laconia
@Areopolis is a base to explore Mani peninsula, with several hotels and restaurants. The old townscape is well preserved.
On 17 March of 1821, the local leaders of Mani gathered here - then called Tsimova - and started the war of independence. The current name Areopolis, namely the town of Ares, ancient Greek god of war, was given to commemorate this episode.
Areopolis Athanaton Square and the statue of Petrobey Mavromichalis

Mavromichalis was the leader of Maniots during the war of independence
Church of Taxiarchon, Areopoli Chuch of Taxiarches (Archangels)
This church, built in 1798, is at the centre of the old town facing the 17th March Square
Church of Taxiarches, Areopoli The same Taxiarches Church
The bell tower is an addition of 1836
Old town of Areopoli Old building and well
The ground level of the building is used as a bar. Areopolis has a surprisingly large number of such small bars, that attract young people from the town and the areas around.

Photos from Areopolis

arepolis arepolis
arepolis arepolis


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