Paleopíli, Kos
Castle of Palaiopyli
Paleolíli is situated on a higher ground of central Kos, and functioned as the island's capital from the 10th century to the Ottoman conquest. Its castle (photos above and below) is on the summit of mountain and cound command the town and the roads leading to it. Unfortunately, when we visited, the road to the castle was closed and we cound not get close. The photo below is close-up shot of the castle.
Fortress of Paleopili
Castle of Paleopili
Paleopili was abandonned completely and no one lives here now. The inhabitants of this place moved to a lower ground which is now called "Píli". Paleopíli means "Old Píli".
Water mill?
According to a guidebook, this should have been a water mill house. I did not see any sign of water, but as I did see a fountain (now dryed-up) near this buidling, it is probably there used to be running water.
Thi is inside of the building to the right, the one of dome-shape. Nothing remains now.

This is a tartoise we found here. There were also goats roaming around.

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