Temple of Asklepios

Kos (or Cos) is one of the Dodecanissa (Ten Islands) situated south-east of the Aegean, very popular to European tourists. It is the second largest of the Ten Islands, 282 sq. km., about 1 fifth of Rhodos, about 45 km long and the width is from 11 to 1.5 km. Bodrum of Turkey (ancient Halicarnassos) is only 5 kilometres away.

The island is probably best known asn Hippocrates' birth place. This most famous of ancient doctors learned and practiced at the sanctuary of Asklepios, the god of medicine in ancient Greek religion.

It takes more than 15 hours from Piraeus by ferry. Ticket price is about €40 for airplain type seat. You can get the cheapest cabin ticket, if you pay about €5 more, but during summer season you need to book well in advance. The Flying Dolphine (hydrofoil) connects Kos with Samos, Patmos, Leros, Kalymnos. From Samos it takes about 3 hours and a half, ticket price is €35 (price information is of the Summer 2006).

The most of the European tourists in Kos are on package holidays. The area between Kos town and Lambi is packed with this type of tourists, and there are a lot of hotel, restaurants, bars, and souvenir-shops. Apart from this area, there are also beaches like Tigaki (or Tingaki), Marmari, Mastihari, Kardamena and Paradise beach. Generally speaking, if you go farer from Kos town, less touristic it becomes (acknowleding, however, the island on the whole is highly touristic). According to the local women who lent us a room, there is high concentration of the English in Kardamena.


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