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Halkida (Chalkis)
Euripos of Chalkis
Halkida (ancient Chalkis) is situated at the narrowest point of the streit between Euboia (Evvia) island and Greek mainland. The ancient town was situated at the eastern side of modern town.

Ancient Chalkis flourished by the production and exportation of bronze objects and as the centre of trade and base of transportation (cereals, corns, timber, cattle etc.) being endowed with two ports on both sides of the streit.
After the 8th century B.C. Chalkis sent out many settlers and constructed colonies, including Northen Sporades, Chalkidiki peninsula (its name derives from Chalkis), Naxos, Sicily, Calabria (Rhegion), Campania (Cumae) etc.
In 506 B.C., Chalkis came under the supremacy of Athens. During the second Persian War, the city sent out ships and its soldiers fought at Plataia.
In 1210, when the Venetians obtained Evvia, Chalkis became the capital of the kingdom of Negroponte. And when Evvia passed to the Ottomans in 1470, Chalkis became the seat of Capitan Pasha.

New Bridge of Chalkida A bridge connecting the Mainland Greece to Evvia (Euboia) Island.


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