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Itea is a seaside town near Delphi. Someone who travelled along the north Corintian coast between Delphi and Antirio might have passed this town.


There are several restaurants and cafeterias by the sea. We tried a fish taverna which was very busy at that moment.

Tsipouradiko tou Mastra Does not look particularly attractive from outside
This horta was brought to us instead of Greek salad we ordered. We just accepted not wanting to wait any more. Grilled sardines. €8 is not particularly cheap for this popular fish, but tasted good anyway.
Fried potatoes were made fresh, but as you see in the picture, they were slightly burnt. They were nice, but would have been nicer if not burnt. Unfortunately fresh squids were sold out, so we ordered frozen ones. Well executed.

All the above, bread, 1 coca cola and 1 small bottle of water cost us €28 (in March 2011).
When we visited, the restaurant was so busy that the service and the quality of food were somehow affected. The food and price were fine, nevertheless.

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