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Temple of Apollo
Practical Information
The integrated ticket for the site and museum cost €9 in the summer 2009. It is open 8:30-20:00 in summer (the museum opens from 12:00 on Mondays) and 8:30-15:00 in winter (correct in 2009).

Delphi is, together with the island of Delos, the most important sanctuary of Apollo, where the god gave oracles to the ancient Greeks as well as to the foreign rulers. The Greeks believed it to be the center of the universe.

The site is positioned in the middle of the slope of Parnassos. Although it is not far from the coastline, it is well hidden by hills in front so that the seafaring invaders could not spot it from their ships.

Delphic Cat
It was already inhabited in the Mycenaean period. The figurines found in Athena Pronaos site date back to this period and show that it had already religious significance. It seems, however, to be abandonned by 10th century BC and traces of religious activities reappear in around 800 BC.


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