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Marathon Tomb

Marathon is the site where the famous battle between the Persians and the Athenians in 490 BC and which gave its name to the marathon race.

The archaeological sites of Marathon are scattered in large area and it is difficult to visit all of them only with public transport (except for with taxi) and some of them are not open to the public.

Herodotus reports that at the battle of Marathon 6,400 Persians were killed while Athenians lost only 192. The Athenians cremated the heros of the battle and buried in Marathon. The small hill in the above photo is the burial mound (tumulus). It is 9 m. high and 50 m in diameter. The tumulus does not have any inscription or built construction and the site looks more like park then an archaeological site (although that it is prohibited to climb it up).


Collection of the flowers I saw when I visited here in March 2011.
Flowers Flowers
Flowers Flowers

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