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Vitina (Arkadia, Peloponnese)
The village of Vitina is standing on the high plateau of 1040m. All the photos here are dark, because we arrived in the early evening of winter day.
Laografiko Mousio, Vitina Arkadias
In the photo above is the central square and the main church of the village. In the photo left is the Folklore Museum also in the square.
mathios potagas
Bronze statue of Mathios Potagas, 17 year old youth killed by German soldiers during the World War II.

In central Peloponnese, we encounter always a monument or statue dedicated the victims of Nazi Germany almost in every village.
local products, Vitina Arkadias
Shop selling local produce.

menu, Vitina Arkadias
Menu of local taverna. There are game dishes unfamiliar in Athens.

Portokalopita, Vitina Arkadias
To our regret, we had just eaten in Stemnitsa and could not have any more food. So we had a handmade portokalopita (orange cake) in a cafeteria.


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