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Monastery of Philosophos (Arkadia, Peloponnese)
Moni Philosophou
There are two monasteries of Philosophos, one old, the other new. In the photo above and in ruin is the old monastery of Philosophos.

Trekking Road
Trekking road between Philosophos Monastery and Prodromos Monastery.

Old Philosophos Monastery
Old Monastery of Philosophos looked from below.

According to the tradition, the Old Monastery was founded by Iohannes Lambardes the 'Philosopher' from Dimitsana in 960 circa. He served the emperor Nikiforos Fokas.
Moni Philosophou Church
Entrance to the church.

Because of its inaccessibility, the monastery was used as 'secret school' to educate the Greeks during the Ottoman period.

Moni Philosophou
The wall paintings are in dire condition. It is a shame that they are bearly protected fron decay.

Moni Philosophou
Cupola of the church and fresco paintings.

Moni Philosophou
The church from behind.

New Moni Philosophou
Entrance to the New Monastery of Philosophos.

The new monastery was founded in 1690s.

Moni Philosophou
Katholikon of the New Monastery.
Moni Philosophou
The buildings within the New Monastery. Only a couple of monks are permanently living here.


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