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Leonidio (Arkadia, Peloponnese)
Leonidio is situated on the Eastern side of Arcadia, at about the same altitute of Sparta. The capital town of Kinouria region.

The eastern Arcadia was relatively isolated from the other areas until the modern era and for this reason a particular Greek diarect called the Tsakonian has survived. The sign board in town (in the photo above) proudly declares it: the above yellow part is in Tsakonian and the white part is in standard Greek saying "Our language is Tsakonian. Ask what they say to you". However, it is rapidly disappearing. We were told by a local that the elderly still speak it and their children understand without really speaking it, but the younger generation does not understand it and do not have chance to learn it.

In Greece, the local aubergines - tsakonikes melitzanes - are very famous. In August, the Aubergine Festival is held in the town.

Leonidio Leonidio
The main road running through the central Leonidio Coffee shop and hotel that reuses an old building
Leonidio Leonidio
Typical old residence in Leonidio. The entrance is on the upper floor and there is a small poach in front of the door. Old house protected by wall
Leonidio Leonidio
House with a tower. I am not sure what was its use. Windows of old building
Leonidio Leonidio
Tower like building Inside the taverna Mitropolis, decorated with old radios and cooking tools.
Leonidio Leonidio
Sign board showing the distance to Athens Church


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