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Kosmas (Arkadia, Peloponnese)
Kosmas, Arcadia
@Kosmas is a picturesque village in Parnonas mountais. It is situated on the road between Leondion and Sparti and many Greek tourists stop here for a coffee and tradtional sweet or a hearty meal. Even when we visited it in March, surprisingly many tavernas and shops for tourists were open for business.

  The name of the village derives from Sts. Kosmas and Damianos but "Agios (Saint)" is strangely omitted.

Kosmas Church Kosmas Village
Church of Agion Anargyron (= Sts. Kosmas and Damianos) standing in the central square of the village
Restaurants and tavernas fill the central square
Kosmas Kosmas
Panoramic view from the village
Characteristic stone building (the one to the right is used as taverna)
Gida Vrasti
Menu at one taverna. Saitia (grilled pie stuffed with green vegetables) and Gkogkes (fresh pasta) are local specialities
The most of the tavernas, as you can imagine, sell meat dishes. Here is boiled goat soup which is best in colder seasons


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