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Island of Aegina
Aegina Port

Aegina, together with Salamina, is famous as beach resort for the Athenians, as it is quite close from Pireas.

Aegina Pistachio
It is known also as great producer of pistachio nuts. The monastery of St. Nektarios is important pilgrimage centre.

There are mainly two routes to reach the Aegina; one is to get the ferry from Pireas to Aegina Town, and the other is to travel from Pireas to Agia Marina. During the non-tourist season, there are only few boats to Agia Marina. Agia Marina is a beach resort with some coffee shops and restaurants. If your interest is the beach, it is better to go directly Agia Marina, as near Aegina Town there is only small beach not far from the port (so the water is not clean).

Temple of Aphaia If you are interested in Archaeology, you might want to visit the Archaeological Museum and Kolonna Site in Aegina Town.

  The bus service connects Aegina Town and Agia Marina passes the Aphaia Site (and St. Nektarios Monastery), you can visit this main attraction of the island from both towns. The Museum at Aphaia is open only during the morning, while the sight itself is open all daytime hours. If you are interested in the Aphaia Museum, visit the site during the morning hours.

In April 2010, the ticket price from Piraeus to Aegina town is from €7 to €9.5, and it takes about 1 hour or more. If you use flying dolphin, it takes ca. 40-45 min., and ticket costs €14.

Piraeus and Aegina Town is connected mainly by ferries and hydrofoils of Hellenic Seaways. Here is their home page, which has time-tables (if your browser asks your password, just keep on clicking "Cancel"). There are a couple of other companies.

Time table of the ships between Piraeus and Agia Marina (Summer 2006)
   "Saronic Round" (Katamaran Saronicou), tel. 210-4100145 (Piraeus), 2297-032904 (Aegina)

Monday to Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
8:30 8:30 8:30 8:30
11:30 11:30 11:30 11:30
17:00 16:30 17:00 17:00
- 19:30 - -

Time table of the ships between Agia Marina and Piraeus (Summer 2006)
Monday to Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
10:00 10:00 10:00 10:00
15:00 15:00 15:00 15:00
19:00 18:00 19:00 19:00
- 20:45 - -

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