Narrow path in Vicopisano
Vicopisano is a Medieval village-town about 20 km away from Pisa. There is a small castle which can be visited on payment.

Until the middle of the 16th century, this place was at a strategical point controlling both Auser and Arno rivers. Since then the rivers were diverted and also the town lost its military value.
View from the High Place
This is the view from the street leads up to the castle.

Vicopisano was ruled by a local nobility called the Obertenghi who started to construct the castle in this place for the firs time.

In the 11th century, the town's rulership was passed to the bishop of Pisa.
Castle of Vicopisano
This is the front courtyard of the castle.

In the 13th century, the castle's ownership moved hands from the bishop's to that of the Republic of Pisa. The city government strengthen the fortification and placed a garrison here.

At the end of the 13th century, the Pisan Republic started to decline, and in 1406, Vicopisano fell to the Republic of Florence, which invested more to the castle. The Republic commissioned Philippo Brunelleschi to construct more fortification.

Heralds on the wall
The castle's couryard decorated by emblems.

Around the middle of the 16th century, the Arno was diverted and Vicopisano lost its value as strategical strong place.

Afterwards, it survived as a residential centre of the agricultural population in the area.
Staircase from the castle
These are the steps going down from the castle.

It is well known that the poet Shelley visited Byron who lived once in Pisa. At that occasion, Mary Shelley, wife of the poet and the author of Frankenstein, visited Vicopisano.

Torre del Mastio
There are as many as 12 towers in Vicopisano, and this is one of them, Torre del Mastio.
Torre delle Quattro Porte
Usually this kind of tower has two gates, but this one has four gates, so it is called the Tower with Four Gates (Torre delle Quattro Porte).

Mura cittadine
This is a part of town wall.

From Pisa, there is bus communication departing from Piazza Sant'Antonio.

There are some bars that offer sandwich and light meal, but there is not proper restaurant. If you want to eat better, you'd better go to Buti.


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