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Greek Bread

Greek bread - psomí is the word for bread in modern Greek - is lovely. It is European type of heavy, flavoursome variety. The pure white bread is a rarity and they are usually cream, yellow or brown in colour.

In general, the Greeks are big bread eaters. Even they are eating potatoes, pasta, or pie, it is normal to eat bread at the same time. Besides, dip type dishes like talamosalata, tzatziki, melizanosalata call for bread.

Choriatiko Psomi horiatiko Xoriatiko Psomi
One of the most popular type of bread 'Choriatiko Psomi (country bread)'
Choriatiko is yellowish in colour from semolina
horiatiko Psomi Marcharita
Choriatiko with sesame seeds
So-called Marcharita; white bread
Prozimi bread prozimi
Prozimi with sesame seeds
Section of Prizimi
Politeleias Politeleias
Bread made only with white flour is called Politelias
Section of politelias (polyteleias)
Bagheta with sesame seeds

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