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The Greeks normally grill or deep-fry fish and I have not seen any elaborate fish dish. These are some of the fish dishes I ate in Greece.

Grilled kalamarakia
These are grilled fresh kalamari (squids), eaten with olive oil, salt and fish.

Restaurants often offer the choice of fresh or frozen kalamari, and fresh ones are more expensive. But, as the fresh ones deteriorate more quickly than frozen ones in warm condition, they are not always the tastier ones.

Fried cod
These are battered and deep-fried cod (bacaliaros). The cod is often sold already sliced and frozen in this form.

They can be eaten with salt, pepper and lemon, but can also be served with a sauce called 'scordalia' made from raw garlic, olive oil, stale bread, salt and lemon.

Grilled sardines Grilled sardines
Grilled sardines These are all grilled sardines. Sardines are usually one of the cheapes fish in restaurants and these were priced about €6, but, as you can see, the quantity and quality differ from a restaurant to another.

In fish restaurants, they grill the fish with direct fire, which guarantee certain degree of success in cooking fish.
Grilled octopus
These are octopus legs dried in day-light for half a day and grilled on charcole.

The Greeks like to eat grilled octopus to accompany ouzo. Besides, it is for some reason one of the must items for tourists. For these reasons, some restaurants in touristic places charge exorbitant price for a tiny amount of octopus.

The ones in the photo were quite large and cost us only €6. It was a good deal we had in Chios.

Greek Fish Dishes

Popular fish in Greece

Tsipoures Tsipouria (s.) - Tsipoures (pl.). Family of bream. Relatively inexpensive for the fish of this size, and the cultured (farmed) ones are especially so.
Galeos Fish called Galeos is usually sold sliced and frozen. In English, it is translated in dogfish. The most typical way to it is to batter and fry in oil.

It is one of less expensive fish in Greece and probably you won't find it in expensive fish restaurant.
Atherina Atherina is small fish of pale moss green colour. Usually it is between 3 and 7 cm long.

It is one of the most popular small fish in Greek tavernas. Being so small, it is usually eaten deep-fried.
Baladas Baladas (balades in plural) is inexpensive fish of bream family. Very tasty, but have sharp small bones.

The one in the photo is small and about 10 centimeter long. They can be larger and with the size the price increases.

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