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Pasta & Potatoes

Some of the tavernes have their cooked food in the show case.
At the centre front is kritharakia pasta cooked with meat and behind it are boiled spaghetti.
Not as much as the Italians, but the Greeks eat lots of pasta and you can find pasta dish in any Greek restaurants. Some Italians told me that the Greeks used to make pasta from normal white flour. If it is true or not, now the Greeks pasta is made from durum semolina flour and it is as good as the Italian one.

On the other hand, I can say from my personal experience that it is generally true that the Greeks do not like Italian 'al dente' pasta. Spaghetti are usually very soft and often cannot hold its long noodle form.

Potato is another carbohydrate the Greeks love. They can be deep-fried, boiled, stewed or oven baked. Fried potatos can accompany any main dish either meat or fish.

Pasta / Potato dishes

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