Meat Dish

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Pork Chop

Meat Dishes

SOUVLAKI: Grilled meat on skewer
KEFTES (pl. KEFTEDES) : Meat ball(s)
SOUTZOUKAKIA : Meat balls cooked in tomato sauce
PASTOURMAS : Spicy (beef) ham, ancestor of pastrami
TIGANIA : Pan-fried and lightly braised meat in cubes
BRIZOLA : Steaks, usually pork or veal/beef
PAPOUTSAKIA : Aubergine baked with meat sauce and bechamel sauce

Keftedakia KOKKINISTO : Meat stewed with tomato
LEMONATO : Meat stewed with lemon sauce
PANCETTA SHALAS: Grilled pork belly
GYROS : Grilled meat rotating against the heat
KREMIDIA GEMISTA: Onions stuffed with minced meat and rice
HIRINO ME DAMASKINO: Pork morsels stewed with prunes
BIFTEKIA: Beef hamburgers
AFELIA: Pork cooked in red wine. Cypriot speciality

YOUVARLAKIA: Boiled meat balls made with rice. Served with lemon and egg sauce
STIFADO: Beef or veal stewed with onion and tomato

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