Statue Base of Agrippa

Statue Base

<Location> Acripolis, Athens, Attica, Greece

This monument (left in the picture) is situated at the north west corner of the Propylaia, and has long rectangular shape, made of blue-gray Hymettian marble, about 9 metres high. As you can suppose from its name, this massive pillar used to support the statue of Agrippa driving quadriga. Dedication to Agrippa is known from an inscription. Agrippa is a Roman general active in the late first century BCE, and a friend and son-in-law of Agustus. He left also an Odeion in the Athenian Agora.

The base itself, however, was not constructed by Agrippa; his inscription was incised over the precedent one, and the style of the base is Pergamene. It was originally constructed by Eumenes II, king of Pergamon (second century BCE) to support his own statue with quadriga. Eumenes gave to Athens also the Stoa of Eumenes near the Theatre of Dionysos.

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