Metropolitan Station and Around

Piraeus Station

Those who visit Pireas with metro arrive at this station. Its orderly composition and spaciousness is beautiful especially when you compare with the disorder and confusion outside.

The area around the station, howerver, has its own charm, being relatively old and having conserved Oriental bazar like ambience.

cookingware shop

This is one of the shops near the station; it sells various cooking utensils and tableware.

cookingware shop

These are the items sold in this shop. The small pans with one handle are uses to make Greek coffee. The larger pans in front of them are a kind of portable ovens; one oven consists in two parts, the lower part is with grid where you place food, and the upper part is with electric resistance of iron with which you cover the other pan as a lid.

Dried food shop

This shop sells all kind of dried food. At the front, from the left, you see paplika, chilli, garlic flakes, beans called Loupina.

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